Five international judges observe each dive and independently award scores unrelated to the dive's difficulty. The score range is 0 to 10, with 1/2 marks in between from 0 - 5 and 1/4 marks in between from 5 - 10.


The highest and the lowest marks are eliminated, and the sum of the remaining scores is multiplied with the degree of difficulty to determine the final points awarded for each dive.


In case that an athlete, a judge or a WHDF official recognizes a failed dive, an error or an irregularity that could have influence on the ranking, he can announce a protest to the WHDF board. This protest must be presented in written form no later than two hours after the last dive and must contain a complete description of the occurrence. The Head Judge, the WHDF technical director and the athlete, elected during the pre-event meeting, will together decide whether the protest is reasonable. All video material will be submitted under such circumstances.

1. Take Off

Important elements include: height, angle, position and determination.

Armstand dives: paying attention on platform touching prior to take off.

2. Positions

Important: athletes have to show clearly the announced positions.

Attention on open legs in the tuck or pike position.

A = layout

B = pike   min. 90 ° body angle

C = tuck   hands must grip lower legs

D = free

E = 3 positions

F = split    clear visible layout position

(1) = flying  clear layout position > 90 °

3. Water Entrance

Athletes have to keep their arms downwards during the feet first water entrance.

1st priority untwisted vertical straightness and body strength.

2nd priority water splash.

4. Deductions

0.50 - 2.0 points   open legs in B or C position

0.25 - 1.0 point   entry correction (slight pike position)

0.50 - 3.0 points   twisted water entrance < 45°

max. score 6.5   twisted water entrance > 45° < 90°

score 0   twisted water entrance > 90°

max. score 7.5   wrong arm position during water entrance

max. score 5.0   touching the platform during the dive

1.0 point   breakdown of the armstand 1st attempt

2.0 points   breakdown of the armstand 2nd attempt

score 0   breakdown of the armstand 3rd attempt

1.0 point   non-execution of the dive 1st attempt

2.0 points   non-execution of the dive 2nd attempt

score 0   on-execution of the dive 3rd attempt

score 0   variation of the announced dive

score 0   exceeding the 2 minutes time limit 

5. Addition

In case where the performed dive raises concern (e.g. did the athlete execute the dive he announced), all judges will render their uninfluenced scores. The Head Judge will inform the officials of the concern raised and the circumstances will be addressed after the competition, prior to the awards ceremony/ prize money distribution. The Head Judge, a WHDF official and the athlete, elected during the preevent meeting, will together review the situation and come to a final decision. All video material will be submitted for observation.