General Regulations

As international competitions are considered: World Championships, World Cup, World Tour, Grand Prix Meetings, Continental Championships or similar competitions with official titles and a minimum of 8 international participants.


18 - 27 meters for men

18 - 23 meters for women

Water depth for competition

Minimum 5 meters 

Take off point/platform

The take off point/platform must guarantee safety for all kind of take offs, best if front edge sticks out minimum 1 meter over the vertical drop line. 


A minimum of 2 rescue scuba divers and a standby medical team must be present, while diving above 20 meters. Athletes are not allowed to dive until the security staff is ready.  


The jury has to be composed by five international judges, where of a minimum of one has to be a WHDF judge. The other judges have to be experienced FINA judges. The travel expenses and hotel as well as a compensation of actual EUR 250.- per judge are to include into the event budget.


Visibility of the WHDF logo shall be guaranteed in accordance with the World High Diving Federation committee.